Sarah Koering, Director

Sarah Koering graduated from Clemson University with a Bachelors in Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management. She first started at Nature’s Classroom as a Teacher in 2016. After working a few semesters, she decided to explore other career options around the country that fit under her degree. Sarah has worked at a several summer camps, nature centers and preserves, ski resort, and multiple state parks before returning back to Nature’s Classroom in 2021 as Lead Teacher. She moved up to Director of Nature’s Classroom in 2024. During the summer months, she is head of the Ropes Course Department for Riverview Camp for Girls, which shares the Nature’s Classroom facility.

Employment Opportunities

Over the years, Nature’s Classroom staff members have had a wide variety of previous experiences, but most of our staff come from a strong background in outdoor recreation, education, or related fields.

Nature’s Classroom serves schools from all over the southeast, predominately working with grades 3-7. Therefore, teachers who love teaching, enjoy children, and appreciate the natural environment are key to the success of the program. Nature’s Classroom provides opportunities to grow as a leader through facilitation of small and large group activities. Our staff lead educational hikes, teach environmental ethics, and facilitate hands-on classes in all academic areas. Activities focus on cooperation, communication, and team-building using group initiatives and the low challenge course. Other activities include: archery, canoeing, night hikes, climbing tower, and various high challenge course elements. All staff members continually strive to better the program and themselves through in-service training days, providing feedback for each other, and sharing personal knowledge and experience.

The Nature’s Classroom staff is a close-knit group. Staff members live, work, and play in close quarters; adaptation to communal living is a must. More often than not, staff members spend much of their time off together, pursuing the many outdoor passions they share.

Nature's Classroom Staff

Fall 2023 Staff

Spring 2024 Staff


  • Must be 21 years or older
  • Bachelor’s Degree preferred but not required
  • Certified in CPR/ First Aid (or willing to get certified)
  • Willing to work 13 hour days
  • Ability to walk/ hike 1- 5 miles per day
  • Ability to work as a part of a team
  • Experience working with children
  • Undergo a criminal background check

General Responsibilities

  • Lead educational hikes
  • Teach hands-on classes from our existing curriculum
  • Facilitate team building activities including low ropes
  • Guide large group and evening activities
  • Occasionally help with specialty activities, such as: archery, canoeing, climbing tower, and the high ropes course

Time Commitment

All contracts for Teachers and Interns are for one academic semester at a time. The fall semester usually starts in late Aug or early Sept and ends in early Dec. The spring semester typically starts in late February and ends in late May. Staff generally works 4-5-day weeks, usually weekdays only, but the occasional weekend group can result in a rare 6 or 7-day work week.

Perks, Benefits, and Wages

  • Seasonal housing (housing is shared, please note that emotional support animals are not allowed)
  • 2 weeks paid training
  • Food is provided during training and when participants are on site.
  • Other benefits include a location near excellent caving, climbing, mountain biking, hiking, whitewater paddling, and multiple state and national parks